Location + Leverage

140W42 enjoys one of the greatest retail locations on earth — right in the heart of Times Square. Their brokerage firm turned to Square360 for a focus worthy of that location.



Too much of a good thing?

Times Square is one of the most famous shopping destinations on Earth. It offers the kind of high traffic, affluent demographics and easy transportation that would make any retailer drool. Some 100 million tourists and locals stroll past its storefronts every year. So what could be so challenging about marketing 16,982 sq.ft. of premium retail space? Simple, all the other world-class retailers who want a share of this $1.8 billion market.

For any new tenant, the competition would be fierce. With high-powered neighbors like Gap, H&M, Sephora and Skechers, any new tenant for 140W42 would have to embrace the 24/7 neon chaos that is Times Square. Any new tenant would have to have a progressive vision that included a flagship store in what is simultaneously the most opportune and most challenging retail location in the world. The branding had to be very special.



Bold modularity.

Times Square is all about signage — bold, colorful, exciting, vibrant. People expect flashy signage and respond to it. Square360 embraced this environment by creating an identity that feels right at home here. We rendered the address in bold, audacious colors with its centerpiece a crossed “W” that suggests two check marks. This represents the convergence of the two primary markets we serve — Times Square and Bryant Park.  Accompanying this bold identity is an imperative call to action — COMMAND THE CROSSROADS.

Strategically, Square360 announced the space availability in Women’s Wear Daily, “the bible of fashion.”  And complemented that with a takeover of the building’s most dramatic, Times Square-esque feature: its 1,900-square foot LED digital display. Tactically, we made the brand modular, so our client could efficiently micro-target retailers from sportswear to high-tech, specifically Under Armour, Dell, and Microsoft.

The website was structured with similar modularity to make it easy to customize pitches for target prospects, complete with campaign-specific URLs (i.e., 140w42.com/underarmour). The result is unmistakably audacious yet cost-effective. Most important, it stopped brokers and potential tenants in their tracks.