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Consumer goods

Rogers-Astaire.  Chewbacca-Solo. Hall-Oates. The most magical of duos are solid partnerships made of absolute trust; they complete each other. The tête-à-tête between consumer and brand is similarly an infinite dance of mutual reliance. Building that confidence — where both sides instinctually understand and reach toward the other —  requires a healthy, two-way communication. That’s where Square360 fits in. Like a modern-day Cyrano, we’ll facilitate your utility and storytelling to foster universal appeal.

For all the customers in your world, Square360 is ready to make your match.

Selected clients

  • Anthropologie
  • Blue Box
  • Chivas
  • Ecclissi
  • L'Oréal
  • Lucchese
  • Murphy's
  • philosophy
  • QVC
  • State Street Coffee
  • Tumi
  • Victorinox

Promotions and marketing

The lifeblood of emotional chemistry is honesty. Successfully representing your allure (read: value proposition) to potential suitors requires self-awareness and a commitment to a multi-channel conversation. Square360 cultivates a rich understanding of your brand to saturate that context into each messaging touchpoint.

Anthropologie catalogs Anthropologie catalog covers

Anthropologie. Impressive catalogs and lookbooks define lifestyle previews of your brand and entice buyers to make a purchase.

Promotions and marketing image grid

Brochure spread of woman with Tumi bag in an airport
Website promoting The Wisdom of Bees book
QVC promotional email

Websites and emails and brochures. Oh my! Everything is an opportunity to share your unique voice and story.

Launching products

Starting a new relationship can be as slippery as maintaining an existing one. We leverage existing customers and excite new ones to mold continuous engagement and give new products the stability necessary to thrive.

Man in kayak wearing Swiss Army shades
unconditional love product detail
Promotional image for The Century of Malts

New from the brands you love. Victorinox, Chivas and philosophy expanded product lines through the strength of brand loyalists. 

Create authentic customer relationships

Call Nancy Smullen, Founder, at 646-536-3800 x101 or fill out the form to get the conversation started.