Teens + Teeth

Reaching Everyone by Exposing Lies (REBEL) was a program going toe-to-toe with big tobacco.  It needed to reach teens where they lived. With gorgeous grunginess and digital dexterity, we created a campaign that helped kids bite back.

New Jersey REBEL had chapters in 76 New Jersey high schools in all 21 counties in the state. Each county and school chapter had a Youth Coordinator (and school adviser in school groups) who helped utilize resources to assist with the group's plans and events. At their meetings, they discussed ideas and made plans to help fight against Big Tobacco.

Square360 fashioned a grungy and energetic aesthetic, which included a Facebook game, student-led blogs, crowd-sourced rankings for smoking facts and video parodies through our video tour guides, Ben and Christine. Furthermore, we developed series of online ads and in-game ads that were contextually integrated into some of the hottest online game environments, including Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, NHL ‘08, Guitar Hero III and Transformers. 

Both campaigns were quite the... breath of fresh air. 



Staying faithful to our grungy, energetic aesthetic, the REBEL website featured a Facebook game, student-led blogs, crowd-sourced rankings for smoking facts and video parodies through our video tour guides, Ben and Christine. 


We designed a Facebook widget to be an anti-tobacco badge sponsored by the REBEL group. It displays two numbers – one for the number of people who have added the anti-tobacco badge to their profile and the second the total number that the user has recruited to join the anti-tobacco cause. Any Facebook user can add to their profile. 


We customized a game around the campaign: Excuses/Fighting Big Tobacco.  The game is an interactive way to provide an additional layer of stickiness to the site.  Members and nonmembers of the community could compete against each other for the top score.


Website users have the opportunity to send facts and customized messages about smoking narrated by a famous New Jersey celebrity to friends’ voicemails.  Easy-to-use, users would simply input a cell phone number and choose the message they want to send.  This is designed to be both a recruiting tool for REBEL and a funny, unconventional way to disseminate facts to other youth and to generate buzz and interest.  



In-game Ads


Online Ads