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philosophy: “unconditional love is a fragrance formulated to help inspire us to be loved and to give love,” says philosophy founder Cristina Carlino. “with, our goal is to move beyond the fragrance to provide our philosophy girls with new, meaningful ways to share love.” 

To that end, Square360 coupled interactive immediacy with the sentimentality of old fashioned love letters to launch these products.


How to sustain the fastest growing skincare brand in the United States? That was the challenge Square360 was given for this prestigious addition to the Coty family of products. We met it with a website designed to achieve several critical objectives:

  • Get samples of the products into consumers’ hands
  • Use sampling to drive participation in the Love Letters stories
  • Build these stories as a foundational element of the and tie it seamlessly to the member database
  • Gather and transfer newly acquired customer data into philosophy-owned database.

The object was to create an effortless user experience that made them literally a participant in the brand.


E-Cards featured e-cards that make it easy for visitors to send a quick, spontaneous note to loved ones.


Customers could choose to stay up-to-date on the latest brand news, deals, products and promotions with e-mails and text messages.


Customers submitted stories of unconditional love via’s love “stories” page to receive a free sample of the unconditional love fragrance.

PLAY LIST featured a rolling play list of iconic songs that inspire visitors to love unconditionally.