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Brian P Milea

Chief Creative Officer, Story-Teller And Comic Book Hipster

Brian is at once a design demigod and technology guru, a skillful story-teller and enigmatic writer, an organizational obsessive and conventional rule-breaker; a veritable sausage of creative archetypes. He’s the perfectionist on your team with whom you’ll be debating the effectiveness of half an em of whitespace on the call to action, who will then turn around to explain to the technical team why a two-tenths of a second animation delay is actually critical to the user experience.

Over the past two decades, Brian’s impeccable design standards have launched successful campaigns for organizations such as Allstate, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, .org (Public Interest Registry), philosophy, The State of New Jersey, Verizon, and Yale School of Management. His work spans from the witty to the sublime, the outrageous to the elegant, but is always skillfully articulated to be evocative and effective.

Brian also lends his watchful eye to the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a competition judge for the Communicator, W3, and Davey Awards.

Brian graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), earning his BFA in illustration. He began his career in New York City at Laptop magazine, stopped briefly in Philadelphia for stints in a design firm and an ad agency, before returning to New York to help co-found Square360 in 2003. Brian currently resides in Newark, Delaware with his wife, Heather, and their three young children. Mostly, when he’s not drawing inspiration from the influence of the modernist movement on graphic design throughout the 20th century, reveling in the LHC’s confirmation of the Higgs boson, or emphatically arguing #CyclopsWasRight, he makes sure to feed his obsession for obscure historical, scientific, and pop culture references for occasions just like this one.

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