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George Alan Heimel

Chief Technology Officer, Digital Geek and Baker of Pies

It was clear from a young age that George was destined for a career in technology and design.

Despite solving the Rubik’s cube in only 19 seconds in a contest in middle school, George remained unsatisfied and went on to rearrange the colors into new patterns. He cemented his geek status by attending Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied biomedical computing, computer science, painting, and graphic design.

George has spent most of his career being a merging point between technology and design.  He worked in the printing industry for 14 years during the time it was evolving into a high-tech industry. George helped develop and refine new techniques for extreme high-definition printing at RGA Reproductions including the use of differential calibration matrices. And he’s appeared on several conference panels such as the Adobe Users Summit as a technology expert in electronic prepress and stochastic printing.

In 2003 he formed his own company, Sputnik Systems, to apply his skills towards data visualization, network security, and web development. He worked on several web development projects with the partners at Square360, which led to the merger of the two companies in 2010.

As Chief Technology Officer at Square360, George utilizes his understanding of design and visual language on behalf of their clients and brings to bear a vast catalog of technical knowledge to synthesize unique solutions.

A member of the Forbes Technology Council, he continues to follow developments not only in web and server technology but in areas like particle physics, nanotechnology, astrophysics, and biotechnology. George is also known for putting his biochemistry knowledge to good use baking a mean pecan pie.

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