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Development & technology

CMS Customization

We work with open source content management systems (CMS), configuring them to meet client needs. We match available modules or plug-ins to the needs of a site design. We have experience with configuring CMS systems to meet a wide range of client needs.

Custom Code

When an existing module or plug-in does not meet client needs, we develop custom code. For applications that require it, we can also develop web code outside a CMS system.

Advanced UI Development

Working with UI/UX designs we create the web interfaces using standard web technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, SCSS, AngularJS, and HTML5.

Web Hosting

We can provide hosting on our production servers, or work with clients to set up sites on the hosting platform of their choice.

Systems Administration

We manage hosting systems for clients that need technical support. From deployments and backups to running custom instances on Amazon Web Services EC2 service. We offer support contracts to match any client need.

Technology Integration Services

Because we are capable of writing custom code in numerous languages,  we can help integrate various services a client may have, either to provide data to websites or from websites to back-end systems.