Science + Sensitivity

philosophy Founder, Cristina Carlino, believes LOVE is contagious. So with their new fragrance, Unconditional Love, she wanted to “move beyond the fragrance to provide customers with new and meaningful ways to share love.”



Sustaining amazing growth.

PHILOSOPHY is the fastest growing skincare brand in the United States. In this crowded category, a new fragrance brand must be much more than a captivating sensory experience. It must also make a powerful emotional connection. Unconditional Love was looking for new ways to do exactly that. Unconditional Love was looking for a new way to create a following that would pay $40 for a 2-oz. spray fragrance, $22 for a 16-oz. for a perfumed shampoo, bath and shower gel, and $34 for a 16-oz. firming body emulsion.



Create a community of love.

Everyone loves a love story. That insight helped Square360, our PR marketing partner and the team at Philosophy embrace the idea of the first interactive website devoted to sharing love stories, downloading love songs, blogs by love experts and generally trying to create a contagious atmosphere of love for anyone who logs on. We call the site

To launch this brand and concept Square360 coupled interactive immediacy with the classic sentimentality of love letters, designing a website whose object was to create an effortless user experience that turned customers into brand participants.



An outpouring of love.

  • Distributed up to 10,000 free samples of Unconditional Love fragrance for submitted Love Stories
  • Used sampling to drive participation in the Love Letters stories
  • Created an e-cards system on to make it easy for visitors to send a quick, spontaneous note to a loved one
  • Built these stories as foundational elements of and tied them seamlessly to the member database
  • 1,500 love stories shared
  • Transfered newly acquired customer data into philosophy-owned database
  • 150,000 plays of’s rolling playlist of iconic love songs