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Carnegie Mellon HCII

When human met (computer) science

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII), one of the leading centers of human-computer interaction research, is a living laboratory exploring the relationship between technology and human capabilities. Students and faculty from diverse disciplines in psychology, design, and computer science collaborate to deliver technology that improves lives.

Original Website

HCII original website

Before. Static, difficult to change and dated, the original site isolated content and people.

Our solution

We developed a modular tile system — inspired by the spirit of interconnectivity — that visualized the user experience as a brainstorming board. Simple, elegant and reflective of HCII's innovative culture, the information-rich and reductionist aesthetic equalized the presentation of all ideas (content). Moreover, as the real power of the institution is in its people, Square360 focused on highlighting the intricate, intracontent relationships between HCII’s humans and their research.

Carnegie Mellon site

HCII grid

Faculty grid
Website on mobile

Original image for banner collage used under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license.