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Warehouse Row

Arbiter of style and experience

From its Civil War era martial beginnings as the Old Stone Fort to a warehouse district at the turn of the 20th century to an outlet shopping center in the 80s, the buildings that define Warehouse Row represent the vibrant history and commercial culture of Chattanooga.

Fifteen years ago, Warehouse Row lead downtown Chattanooga’s revitalization efforts as the premiere outlet destination in the Southeast. With more than 8 million tourists per year, upscale retailers like J. Peterman, Cole-Haan and Polo/Ralph Lauren brought luxury and excitement to the marketplace. 

Large Warehouse Row Logo

Tennessee Williams wrote that “all great art is an indiscretion.” Inspired by southern gothic tradition, Square360 transformed Warehouse Row into an aspirational brand with a lush aesthetic inspired by the humble grandeur of the original architecture. Warehouse Row challenged expectations with its affluent yet accessible style and experience that attracted younger, hipper, mixed-use tenants.

Logo. Classic, inspired by the rustic textures of turn-of-the-century Chattanooga, the logo design luxuriates in nostalgia yet never dwells in the past. 

Branding Materials

Image collage of Warehouse Row branding materials

Voice. The outlet mall, no matter how premium, is a dated concept. We evolved Warehouse Row's reputation as an outlet center to a modern, updated image. Experiential rather than destination driven, we offered tenants a stage to offer consumers something entirely new. 

Marketing materials

Warehouse Row Website Home Page
Warehouse Row folder cover detail
Warehouse Row promotional sign
Warehouse Row promotional kit

Revival billboard

Warehouse Row billboard design

Marketing. Solutions included ads, promotional kits, billboards and web design, which all invoke the richness of the property's history.