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A movement beyond fragrance

philosophy founder, Cristina Carlino, believes love is contagious. So, with their new fragrance, unconditional love, she wanted to emotionally grab the audience with meaningful ways to share love that would expand her customer base.

Sustaining amazing growth

philosophy is the fastest growing skincare brand in the United States. In this crowded category, a new fragrance brand must be much more than a captivating olfactory experience. Square360 created exactly that for unconditional love.

Philosophy website

Website. Representing the product as emblematic of the “love” community, we turned customers into brand ambassadors through an effortless user experience.

A community of love

Everyone loves a love story. Square360 embraced this truth with interactive experiences devoted to the numerous expressions of “love”: sharing love stories, love songs, thoughts by love experts and a Facebook mini-application. Our goal was to create an infectious atmosphere of love. Users could even “give love” with a free product sample for loved ones (or themselves). 

Closeup married couple
email blast

Digitally handcrafted email. A technological twist on love letters that put the aesthetics of old world letter writing. Easy for visitors to send a spontaneous note to a love one.

An outpouring of love

Love went viral. The campaign generated enthusiastic interest among the target audience. Ten thousand free samples were sent out, and hundreds of brand ambassadors helped spread the good news. As a result, some 1,500 individual love stories were shared among the unconditional love community.

1,500 love stories shared
10,000 free samples sent