Small + Strong

we are a team of designers and developers who work fluidly to create digital campaigns and websites.

Born in New York City in 2003, Square360 now resides primarily online.  We are passionate visual communicators and all around fun people. We believe a great design team shouldn’t be defined in a box of “brand” or “print” or “web”, but by how they shape a good idea into an awesome one.


Meet the partners

nancy A smullen

Organizational queen, design maven, co-founder, motorcycle coveter, dog wrangler, farmer Jane

brian p milea

Creative scofflaw, code enthusiast, co-founder, professional dad-joke teller, thriving geek


Technology artist, database dreamer, traveling wilbury, knowledge collector, pie aficionado


Our Philosophy

Our approach is to integrate the very best of design and technology into everything we produce. What makes us special is that people on the Square360 team are skilled at both. So our clients enjoy seamless, powerful creative solutions.

Our mission

To develop user experiences that are good for everyone — from your target audience to your content editors and site maintainers.

Today, in order to remain relevant, a website needs to be easy to maintain so that your audience and search engines see regular updates and fresh original content.  By developing easy-to-use administrative interfaces, Square360 eliminates the cost of third parties for content entry and regular maintenance. This allows company editors to keep budgets on track and discover great new ways to present content.


Our Client Experience

American Cancer Society

Arrow Electronics

Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute


CT Bites


Girls Inc. of New Hampshire

Institutional Investor

Jamestown Properties

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas

NJ 2-1-1 Partnership

NY Hilton



Sealed Air Corporation

Topcon Medical Systems


Yale School of Management


Awards & Recognitions

We don’t do what we do for the fame, but it still feels good to be recognized. Over the years we have accumulated over a hundred trophies and honors including ones from Communicator Awards, W3 Awards, Davey Awards, MarCom Awards, Webby Awards, Adobe Site of the Day, CommArts Site of the Day, OneShow, Graphis, and Pixel Awards.