Anticipation + Responsiveness

It is no longer enough to simply meet your customers’ needs. Winning brands must predict them and respond faster than ever before.

At Square360, we not only think about your customers, we also think about your content authors, editors and site maintainers. We make sure search engines see regular updates and fresh, original content so you can stay relevant on a continually changing landscape.

Our Capabilities

Square360's complete suite of creative services and technical capabilities are as equally suited for targeted marketing vehicles as they are enterprise-level initiatives. That flexible, nuanced understanding of the expression of the brand both online and offline has translated into a portfolio filled with everything from full identity development, traditional and digital advertising, print communications, mobile applications, immersive web experiences, content management system customization and SEO analysis. 

In addition to an impeccable graphic and artistic ability, we confidently boast: 

  • A demonstrated ability to communicate design ideas visually and verbally, and to present our work while qualifying our design decisions 
  • Expertise with cutting-edge web standards 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Extensive experience integrating open-source content management systems with external systems, specializing in Drupal
  • Considerable technological background allowing for implementation of intricate designs 
  • Experience working with IT and technology teams to co-produce extensive web systems 

Our Services 


Experience Design 

When it comes to our customized digital communications, we are all about the user experience. Our digital team works tirelessly to develop websites and web applications that are mobile-friendly, functional, accessible, eye-catching and able to communicate effectively on any platform.

Mobile Design 

Google’s ever-changing rules for web and mobile web optimization make it imperative to place mobile design at the heart of our process.  By starting with the smallest device first, we keep our site designs simpler, faster and more accessible.



It all starts with a plan. The tighter the better — for you, your budget and your sanity.  First, we look at where you are, what your customers think of you and what you want them to think of you. We then apply a liberal amount of creative thinking, technology and experience to get you where you want to be.

Brand Identity 

Whether we are creating an entirely new identity or massaging your current one, our team of writers and designers works to develop an identity and brand voice that capture the promise of your brand.  We follow a proven approach to clarify your desired brand values and craft an identity that will resonate with your audience today and into the future.

Brand Experience 

We believe user experiences should be brand experiences. When we combine the best practices of design, copy and production for a mobile experience, a print campaign or packaging, it results in a consistent, cohesive and unparalleled experience of your brand.

Digital Promotions 

Landing Pages 

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  If your customers can’t get what they need from your landing page in a fast, informative and succinct manner, you have already lost them. We design with this in mind and create pages that will convert customers quickly and efficiently.

Email Marketing 

The goal of all email campaigns is to get the customer to hear your message and take action.  If not, it ends up in the trash.  At Square360, we create campaigns that go beyond delivered content.  We craft messages that resonate verbally and visually with your customers so that they take the necessary actions for you to achieve your goals.

Social Media 

Social media is now a huge factor in brand consideration, purchase intent and SEO. This means few companies can afford to neglect their social audience – and those that do so are falling drastically behind. Whether it’s B2B or B2C social media, we work with our clients to identify the correct tone of voice to build online communities for clients of all sizes by leveraging social media platforms.


SEO is a constantly evolving field, so it’s vital to keep on top of changes in performance and user behavior. We set up reports that suit the level of data you need: from at-a-glance overviews to deep-level analysis. We study this data and build sites to address all the factors that help sites rank well.

CMS Customization 

We work with open source content management systems (CMS), configuring them to meet client needs. We match available modules or plug-ins to the needs of a site design. We have experience with configuring CMS systems to meet a wide range of client needs.

Custom Code 

When an existing module or plug-in does not meet client needs, we develop custom code. For applications that require it, we can also develop web code outside a CMS system.

Advanced UI Development 

Working with UI/UX designs we create the web interfaces using standard web technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, SCSS, AngularJS, and HTML5. 

Web Hosting 

We can provide hosting on our production servers, or work with clients to set up sites on the hosting platform of their choice. 

Systems Administration 

We manage hosting systems for clients that need technical support. From deployments and backups, to running custom instances on Amazon Web Services EC2 service. We offer support contracts to match any client need. 

Technology Integration Services 

Because we are capable of writing custom code in numerous languages,  we can help integrate various services a client may have, either to provide data to websites or from websites to back-end systems. 


Our iterative design and development process



  • Conduct needs assessment via a short series of meetings with stakeholders 
  • Review all available research and conduct competitive analysis 
  • Write user stories in non-technical language 
  • Audit data and platform 
  • Develop site outline


  • Finalize project scope, including a concise statement of core goals, values and objectives
  • Outline tasks and create a schedule indicating critical milestone dates and checkpoints
  • Identify core and secondary audiences including their needs and abilities 
  • Document all possible content and how each type of content fits into the overall site 
  • Determine best technology for implementation 
  • Recommend budget prioritization 


  • Create sitemap diagram(s) defining high-level schema of major sections and subsections articulating how users will access information 
  • Use UXPin to develop wireframe models to visually explore and determine page structures
  • Design high-fidelity mock-ups demonstrating the depth and functionality of the design 
  • Design all work using a technique called responsive web design (RWD) approach


  • Write technical stories from define and design phases
  • Implement CMS platforms using industry standard technologies for modern web development
  • Leverage cutting-edge web technologies, including jQuery and Angular JS, to build and extend the user interface with simple animations and interactive features
  • Implement features using agile process for quick turnaround.


  • Test all code for standards adherence, security and any necessary compliance
  • Test all code against original specifications
  • Ensuring all code is well implemented and documented
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Launch and support